Single review: “ARCADIA” by earthmind

earthmind is a Japanese band that consists of Erina (vocals), Ommy (guitar), and Jun Takai (bass). ARCADIA is their second single.

Release date: 5th of December, 2012

Track List: Regular Edition
3. Another Heaven
4. ARCADIA -Instrumental-
5. HORIZON -Instrumental-
6. Another Heaven -Instrumental-
7. Kaleidoscope -transparent mix- (Bonus Track)

ARCADIA is the opening theme for the Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua game for the PS Vita. Okay, I’m sorry, but this song is downright amazing. It’s just so rocking & upbeat and… wow. I can’t even. Oh my gosh. It opens with a guitar riff and then comes out with the band just rocking out. The vocalist sounds really good for this song, too. I’m not even sure what else to say, it’s just that good. I expect it would be a good opening for the game, just as it is a great opening for the single. LOVE IT.

HORIZON is a more electronic take on the full-on rock stylings of ARCADIA. It’s sort of an electronic rock song, if that counts as something. HORIZON has the exact same tune as ARCADIA, but the lyrics have been changed. I must say, the start of the second verse — when the vocals have been made to sound almost robotic — was a nice touch. Since I loved ARCADIA, it would only make sense if I liked this as well. So I do, but not as much as the more rock-oriented version.

3. Another Heaven
Another Heaven is a completely different song from the other two. ARCADIA and HORIZON are just versions of each other, whereas Another Heaven is set apart from the other two. This song slows things down… just a tad… and we sort of move away from the energetic feeling of the first two songs. Actually, it’s only slower in the first verse. It gets faster and more rocking as the song progresses. That being said, it still isn’t as rocking as the first two songs. I did like the bridge, when Erina just kind of stepped back and let the guys rock out. Hmm… pretty good!

I won’t be writing about the instrumentals…

7. Kaleidoscope -transparent mix- (Bonus Track)
The original version of Kaleidoscope was featured in their first single, B-Bird, as the B-side. As opposed to the free & flying kind of sound of the original, the transparent mix tones it down to a ballad mostly filled with piano. The chorus was the highlight, as sweeping strings accompany the piano. I already liked the original version, and the transparent mix allows us to look at the song in a different way. It’s a nice take on Kaleidoscope, and a pleasant way to close the single.

Oh my, what a single from earthmind! Starting with the energetic and totally rocking ARCADIA and HORIZON, slightly toning it down with Another Heaven, and finishing things off with the piano-and-strings ballad of the transparent mix of Kaleidoscope, the entire single was just amazing. This is actually what got me into earthmind in the first place, and maybe it’ll be the one that gets you into them, too!

Rating: 5/5


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