Single review: “Yukitoki” by Nagi Yanagi

Nagi Yanagi is a Japanese singer-songwriter from Kansai, Japan and is signed to Geneon. She is known for performing as a guest singer for the band supercell from 2009-2011. Yukitoki is her fifth single.

Release date: 17th of April, 2013

Track List:
1. Yukitoki
2. Oto no Nai Yume
3. Surrealisme
4. Yukitoki (Instrumental)
5. Oto no Nai Yume (Instrumental)
6. Surrealisme (Instrumental)

1. Yukitoki
Wow, another anime tie-in for Nagi! As a follow-up to the amazing Zoetrope (the AMNESIA opening theme), Nagi releases Yukitoki which is tied as the opening theme for My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.  This song sounds like a typical anime opening, which is good because that’s exactly what it is, but I just know that some people will say that they’ve heard it all before. It’s a happy pop song and I’m liking it so far. It doesn’t quite top Zoetrope or Laterality in terms of the quality, but it’s a nice effort from Nagi!

2. Oto no Nai Yume
The B-side is kinda like her songs Vidro Moyou and Koibumi mixed together. It’s synthy & light and backed by an interesting arrangement. Oto no Nai Yume is quite relaxing and I like how Nagi sounds in it. Most of the time, her voice sounds airy, which adds to the whole mood of the song. Well, overall, the song is pretty good, but nothing more.

3. Surrealisme
Getting into the third track, Surrealisme is quite bizzare with an even more interesting arrangement than Oto no Nai Yume. This song is… trance-y? I don’t really know how to describe it. It just sounds kinda weird to me. The chorus is a where all the liveliness is, I guess. The rest of the time, it sounds all abstract & fantasy-like. Honestly, it didn’t really leave much of an impression on me other than the fact that it’s just quite bizarre.

Then we have all the instrumentals, and that’s the whole single!

Nagi’s fifth single was overall pretty good, however I was definitely more impressed with Zoetrope and Laterality. Yukitoki is a typical anime opening, with it being a happy pop song and all. I think the A-side is the best song out of the whole single though, which kinda says something, as the following two songs have intresting arrangements. Oto no nai Yume is a nicely done track, which sounds like it mixes two previous songs into one. Oh, but, Surrealisme is just trance-inducing and kinda weird. Maybe I’m just not used to it yet, but it’s the song that brings the single down. Well, good effort from Nagi anyway. I hope a full album is coming soon!

Rating: 3/5


6 thoughts on “Single review: “Yukitoki” by Nagi Yanagi

  1. My favorite one was Oto no Nai Yume, the sound was so relaxing and so perfect for me that I was really wanting to have it on the album (no luck there).
    But her best single for me is Ambivalentidea (halo effect was so awesome)

    • My favorite single from her would probably be Laterality. The A-side was rock, which I totally love, and the B-sides present her trademark music genre in a good way :)

      Even then, my favorite song from her is still Zoetrope. ^.^

      • I don’t know if I consider her collaboration with Jun Maeda as part of her official discography (but I will) and in that case songs like Muteki no Soldier and yuki no furanai hoshi will be some of my favorites

  2. You should give Aqua Terrarium a review. (If you can’t afford it, send an email as I have a spare copy). It was great to hear it live at Animax Musix 2013 day 2.

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