Single review: “Unite” by Sachika Misawa

Sachika Misawa is a Japanese pop singer and seiyuu under the agency STYLE CUBE. Unite is her first single.

Release date: 1st of August, 2012

Track List:
1. Unite
2. Twilight
3. Unite (Instrumental)
4. Twilight (Instrumental)

1. Unite
This song was used as the second ending theme for the anime, Accel World, in which Sachika-san voiced one of the main characters named Kuroyukihime. When comparing this song to the three other theme songs used for the anime, Unite is the odd one out. Chase the world by May’n, ALTIMA’s Burst The Gravity, and KOTOKO’s →unfinished→ are all electro/techno, while Unite is an uptempo pop-rock song. Onto the song itself, the arrangement is clean, the vocals are clear, and there’s a nice balance between them. There’s something about this song that really appeals to me… I like it. :)

2. Twilight
This song is such a troll. Looking at the title, I initially thought it was going to be a ballad. Then I started listening, and when the drums kicked in during the intro, I thought it was going to be one of those happy pop-ish songs, but then everything rolled away to reveal Sachika singing with an acoustic guitar accompaniment. Then the drums kicked in once again, and… well… I don’t know what happened from there. I had to listen to the song a few more times to take it all in. My final verdict is that Twilight is a mid-tempo song. I think… It’s a little all over the place, so it’s not as good as Unite.

So that was Sachika-san’s first single… The A-side is a really good pop-rock song that keeps me interested, but the B-side is a bit ‘meh’ if you ask me… I mean, it’s good that the two songs are somewhat similar in terms of the style of music, but Twilight isn’t as strong of a song as Unite. For future releases, I hope that Sachika puts out songs as good as Unite!

Rating: 3/5


3 thoughts on “Single review: “Unite” by Sachika Misawa

  1. Oh, Sachika is quite a troll in most anime she participates is. Her work is mostly centered around shows that fittingly have trance/techno oriented OPs and EDs, but strangely, her songs always deviate from the set themes (most recent example being A Certain Magical Index movie, to which her album Polaris is tied to).

      • Yeah… and seeing that Sachika is almost an idol-like figure, not a real anisong singer, her work is pretty much non-stop cute, or happy, or something in between.

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