Guest Author!!

Heyy ya’ll! I’m just some guest author who is also one of Moira’s friends.

Anyway, I shall be doing some extra posts and shall be playing the role as “Guest Author.”

I guess I should be writing a bit about me, so here is a list!
-I am an uber otaku
-Love to play video games
-I prefer the rock genre of music
-I’m really lazy

So that should be enough for now… I just hope I’ll make my posts as interesting as Moira’s posts!

Austin out!


7 thoughts on “Guest Author!!

    • Oh yes! She has gotten me hooked onto a lot of stuff, I just knew Maon Kurosaki from before,though I just didn’t know her as much.
      I listen to a lot of musicians that Moira listens to, I just don’t know a lot of stuff about music though.

      I’ve done an about me thingo, I just have to wait for Moira to put it on the about me page since I can’t do that.

      [Update: You can check the About page for more info!]

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