Single review: “Revise the World” by ayami

ayami is mostly known for providing songs for Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse. Revise the World is her first single.

Release date: 28th of November, 2012

Track List:
1. Revise the World
2. Deep side distance
3. Revise the World [Instrumental]
4. Deep side distance [Instrumental]

1. Revise the World
A short, dramatic introduction of piano, strings, guitars and drums leads into ayami’s deep and throaty singing of the second ending theme for Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse… As she sings the first verse, she is accompanied by piano and the plucking of a guitar, which crescendos into an instrumentation similar in volume and intensity to the one at the beginning of the song. She brings the same vocal power as first heard in Apocalypse of Destiny, but presented in a different way, as this is a ballad, and the other song is not. I absolutely love the chorus because ayami sounds strong, and there’s more going on in the arrangement compared to the verses. This is an outstanding song!

2. Deep side distance
The B-side is in the same style as Apocalypse of Destiny, being an upbeat rock-oriented song. With an impactful introduction of electric guitars, loud drums and bass guitars, we get another taste of ayami’s deep and throaty singing. In the verses, I felt that she didn’t quite convey as much emotion as I expected her to, and the chorus was only a bit better, but not that much different. The arrangement was very complete the whole way through, which is great thing, but a downside is that the chorus is somewhat anticlimactic. So yeah, the best point of the song is the arrangement, and while ayami sounded quite strong, I think there needed to be a bit more variety in terms of the notes that she was hitting. Overall, still quite good and exciting in some parts, but it needs a bit more.

First of all, thank you to 123 of Tsukiyo no Hikari for recommending ayami to me! Overall, I think this is a good debut single, with a very strong-sounding A-side, and a B-side with a great instrumentation, but a bit lacking in some areas. But Revise the World is a compelling ballad, and made up for what Deep side distance lacked. All in all, like I said, it’s a good debut single, and I’d like more material from ayami! I heard she’ll be releasing a new single later in September. By the way, is it wrong to say that her vocals kind of remind me of Kumi Koda? If so, I’ll take that back, haha.

Rating: 3.5/5


2 thoughts on “Single review: “Revise the World” by ayami

  1. Revise the World certainly was a grand way to kick off her solo career. I too agree Deep Side Distance is lacking a bit (when I compare it with Apocalypse of Destiny). You know I love rock music, I’m hoping that she’ll become another great solo rock artist like Maon Kurosaki I’m pumped for her next single, on her website discography section it says there’s an album coming soon too!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve only heard a couple of by Koda Kumi, but I don’t really think they sound similar. You probably know more than me though :)

    • I’d so love it if she ends up becoming a successful rock singer like Maon, too! Wow, an album soon as well? THANK YOU, haha. Can’t wait! (≧◡≦)

      Hmm, it's not that they sound similar, it's that they both have a distinct throaty voice.
      I, too, have only heard a few from her, but from that few, that's what I thought. :p

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