Technical difficulties

Hey all~

So it has nearly been a week since the last post, and I thought that we’d be able to get the next review up already — which, by the way, is a collaborative review — but tragedy happens to strike when we were in the middle of writing it up… (okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic)

The point is, Austin is having some issues with his laptop, namely, connection problems, therefore he can’t get his parts done. Unfortunately, it will take just a bit longer to get this review up, as well as his other individual review, but we are hoping that these issues will be resolved soon.

Thanks for being patient; now, if you guys could be patient for just a bit longer, that would be great. We’ll get the next collab review up as soon as things are okay once again.

That’s all for now! Please stay tuned! :)


2 thoughts on “Technical difficulties

    • It’ll probably happen now you said it haha. Shall I make a Technical Difficulties post just for the heck of it? Btw that is one of the coolest kaomojis ever.

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