Upcoming reviews!

Hey all~


Anyway, I’ve decided to push the remaining reviews from the last set to a later date (probably after this set), so we’ll get these done first, and then we’ll get the other ones posted up. Fyi, the collab reviews left from the last set are earthmind’s Power of Mind, Doki Doki by 7!! (seven oops), and LiSA’s LOVER”S”MiLE. Also, Austin owes this blog his other individual review of Faylan’s Dead END.

Okay, now, the next few weeks will be a busy time for reviewing due to the (quite) large amount of music releases, so both Austin & I will have more than just five each to review. Here’s the list for the upcoming set!

My reviews include:
May’n – ViViD [Single]
Ikimonogakari – I [Album]
Nana Mizuki – Vitalization [Single]
Eri Kitamura – Birth [Single]

Austin’s reviews include:
Luna Haruna – Ai wo Utae [Single]
Yumi Hara – intention [Single]
Annabel – Alternative [Single]
Yuuka Nanri – BLOODY HOLIC [single]

And the following will be our collaborative reviews:
Maon Kurosaki & RayHana Ketsu no Ou Hanayui no Uta [Single]
LiSA – träumerei [Single]
Faylan – wonder fang [Single]

… that looks like a lot. I may or may not update this later if I decide to include more releases, so I guess we’ll see!

This also marks Austin’s transition from guest author to assistant author… which pretty much means that he’s here to stay unless I make him go away, haha.

That’s all for now! Please stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Upcoming reviews!

  1. DARN IT I was so expecting Minori Chihara on this list xD
    Anyways, you’re doing most of the stuff I will cover/have covered, so I can’t wait to compare our reviews \(^o^)/

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