Single review: “Ai wo Utae” by Luna Haruna

Luna Haruna is a Japanese singer from Tokyo and is signed to SME Records. Ai wo Utae is her fourth single.

Release date: 24th of July, 2013
1. Ai wo Utae
2. Koi no Senshi
3. Uchiage Hanabi
4. Ai wo Utae (Instrumental)

1. Ai wo Utae
It’s a pretty peaceful song, well not peaceful per se, it’s calm to what I normally listen to. It’s a combination of violins, some rock guitars , oh, and drums and piano too. This is a cheerful song with some pretty happy sounding vocals, but I don’t think that this is a good song to show off her vocals much. There isn’t many moments in the song where Luna’s vocals could shine and improve the song. Ai wo Utae is a likable and friendly song, but it’s not something so special.

2. Koi no Senshi
Here is another cheery and bubbly song to add to this single. I’m starting to think that this song is just like Ai wo Utae, but just a much more simple version of it. The song starts off with some quick piano playing, with some acoustic guitars not so far behind. It’s certainly more up beat than the previous song, but it just seems like it lacks something, like there’s no momentous part in the song that really sticks into your head. This song isn’t so special either.

3. Uchiage Hanabi
I don’t really listen to much ballads, so I’m not sure how to compare this to other songs. It’s a quiet and calm song with some synths and piano accompanied by tranquil vocals. It’s a pretty relaxing song that you could listen to when you’re by yourself. The chorus of this song is actually very catchy and it really just sets the mood for the entire song. It seems like Uchiage Hanabi is the best song out of the three provided in the single. (excluding the instrumental)

This single isn’t so bad, it just doesn’t have much that really stands out. It consists of calm, happy and bubbly songs but none of which really sticks into your head. The only song that would be memorable out of the three would be Uchiage Hanabi, but it’s still not enough to make me like the single as much as other singles I’ve listened to.



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