Single review: “Alternative” by Annabel

Annabel is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter under Lantis. She mostly sings themes for anime or games. Alternative is her seventh single.

Release date: 7th of August, 2013

Track List:
1. Alternative
2. Ao ni Tokeru
3. Alternative (Instrumental)
4. Ao ni Tokeru (Instrumental)

1. Alternative
Loud instruments and screeching vocals open up this single with this extreme song….. Actually, it’s quite the opposite, Annabel’s subtle vocals and a quiet wave of instruments blend in together to create a simple, yet sophisticated (or at least that’s what I think) beginning in the song. An orchestra of violins accompany Annabel’s vocals for the duration of the song and the two really work well with each other. The two sides don’t overpower one another and, it just works!!(I don’t know what else to say about that).

2. Ao ni Tokeru
This song is a little different from Alternative, it’s a bit faster and it has it’s own unique tone to it. The song has a very catchy chorus, which I really like. Although, what I don’t like is how ‘messed up’ this song is. Not saying it in a bad way, it’s just that it seems like there’s no set melody and it seems a bit random at times. There’s nothing really special about this song that really sticks into your mind other than the catchy yet random chorus.

The songs in this single are a bit similar in the way she sings, but it’s a unique style that I’ve never heard before, and I think I like it. It’s a very simple and sophisticated single with unique vocals that I’ve never heard anywhere else.

Rating: 3/5


One thought on “Single review: “Alternative” by Annabel

  1. You just defined Annabel’s style with that single xD
    That’s why to understand Annabel, you need to hear her other singles, or albums.
    From my side I really loved the single, and the B-side was almost as great as Shihyou, but Shihyou was so perfect :D

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