Single review: “Colorful” by ClariS

ClariS is a Japanese pop duo made up of high school girls, Clara and Alice. Colorful is their 9th (overall) single.

Release date: 30th of October, 2013

1. Colorful
2. Surely
3. Pieces
4. Colorful -Instrumental- [Limited and Regular Edition]
4. Colorful -movie MIX- [Madoka☆Magica Limited Edition]

1. Colorful
And here is the opening for the third and final Madoka Magica movie, and, uhh, it’s not very fitting, I mean it’s fine and all, but it just doesn’t feel right for an anime/movie like that. Anyway, on with the review. The beginning of the song, is very slow and peaceful, sounding like a music box, so it feels like the start of a very nice ballad. But that all changes when the rapid drums enter the fray, bringing it some life, creating a cute and ditzy tune. This is followed up with an extremely catchy chorus, like really catchy. Both of the girls harmonize brilliantly, making a lovely and uplifting melody. I think it’s a really nice song, just kinda weird for Madoka Magica…

2. Surely
The track starts off with Clara and Alice in total synchronization. Soon afterwards comes a very bubbly and up-beat tempo, but it all just sounds really similar to Colorful, especially with the chorus. There isn’t really much to look at here. It’s just a very sweet sounding track, with some electric guitars and okay vocals. Unfortunately, it isn’t a great song.

3. Pieces
So, uhhh, hmmm…. You know…. Well, it starts off with a light and peppy arrangement, paired up with some lovely vocals, which echo… That’s all I liked about the song, the echoing vocals. It’s still sounding very similar with the previous two songs, nothing really new and dazzling with this song.

I really didn’t know what to say about Pieces, Colorful is the only song that I would listen to a few more times in this single. There isn’t anything special with the other two, they all just sound similar and not much with excite you. I don’t wanna review anything like this anymore, why does Moira give me such eww singles to review, like last time. (Moira: Because we need to review both good and bad music, duh.)

Rating: 2/5

Whew, I really need to catch up with my reviews, I take wayyyy too long with it.

Anyway, Austinatious out.


13 thoughts on “Single review: “Colorful” by ClariS

  1. So the evil Moira sticks all the crap singles on you? Hahaha, y’know, sometimes it’s good to have bad singles to review, then you can rant about their shittiness. Of course, then there’s bland songs which you can’t really say too much about, as seems to be the case here >.<


    • I guess it is okay to review about bad singles. There’s not much I can do about it anyway since Moira picks them out for me. So I guess I just have to keep at it and endure each of them as they come my way then.

    • Lol, yes, I am evil, but tbh, I give Austin singles because he NEVER knows what to review. I’d be like, “So, what would you like to review for the next set?”, and he’d be like, “I don’t know, you pick for me”, so I try to give him stuff that he could probably like + music from artists he already knows of and follows. For example, I gave him the new nano.RIPE single because he’s a fan of them, and I can’t stand the singer’s vocals, so no way would I review them in the first place. And yeah, like you said, it can be good to have bad singles since you can rant about how horrible they are. The reason I give him presumably bad singles would be so that he has things to say, since he always complains to me that he can’t think of anything else to write, even if the single is good. Therefore, despite how evil I may be, I try to adapt to his situation. So yeah, explanation over! *runs off into the distance*

      • Ah, sounds like you’re the organised one. And thoughtful too :-). Don’t run away!!!

        And on the subject of nano.RIPE, yeah I’m not keen on them too… though you could probably have guessed that ^.^

      • Wahh, I’m sorry! I didn’t think about how much you were doing for me, adapting to my situation. I’m a big idiot, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!!

      • Whew, at least you like their work… That’s good enough for me! I haven’t found one person who likes them to some degree. Well, Moira has mixed feelings for them.

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