Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award

Not long ago, Nick (SkyCorps) from The SkyCorps Blog nominated Just Another Heaven for the Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award, and we are only too gracious and happy to accept!

The rules are simple and the way you structure your acceptance post is a lot of fun:
1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post.
2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award.
3. Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.

Let’s get started!


Our alphabet is structured like this:
[Letter] is for [Moira’s response] | [Austin’s response]


A is for ANIME (Enough said) | ANIME (For obvious reasons)

B is for BLUE (My favorite color; clearly a superior color) | BLAZBLUE (Favorite fighting game!)

C is for CRAZY (A good word to describe me) | CHEESE (I just love cheese, okay?!)

D is for DUMPLINGS (Something I eat way too much) | DISGAEA (Favorite RPG of all time!)

E is for ENGLISH (Most of my academic achievements have been related to this subject. Perhaps you could call it my strong point?) | EATING (I like to eat. Simple)

F is for FABULOUS (‘Cause that’s what I am) | FAYLAN (I’m a big fan)

G is for GIN NO SAJI (Because cute little farm animals, so your argument is invalid) | GAMER (I hardly need to explain this)

H is for HAYAO MIYAZAKI (Truly a genius, no less. One of Japan’s greatest animation directors holds a special place in my heart) | HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE (Favorite Studio Ghibli film!)

I is for ICE SKATING (One of the very few sports I’m actually good at) | IMAGINATION (I seem to have a wild imagination…)

J is for JOE HISAISHI (An absolutely brilliant composer. His music is amazing) | JAPAN (Haha, this is an obvious one)

K is for KALAFINA (Three goddesses with heavenly voices; need I say more?) | KATSUDON (Favorite Japanese dish)

L is for LOSSLESS (Lossless compression of music and videos… *drools*) | LAHARL (My favorite character in Disgaea)

M is for MUSIC (Cannot. function. without. music.) | MUDKIP (My favorite Pokémon!)

N is for NANA MIZUKI (One of my favorite artists, the unparalleled Queen of Anison) | NERD (That, I am)

O is for OYASUMI (I love this word. I don’t know why. I just do) | ONE SUMMER’S DAY (Composed by Joe Hisaishi, this is a very nice song to listen to)

P is for POTATOES (What I said for dumplings, lol) | PERVERTED (Moira suggested this for me, but I do admit that I am…)

Q is for QUIET (People who don’t know me well enough describe me as this) | QUIRKY (Everyone says I’m quirky…)

R is for RICE (Way too good not to eat!) | RPG (Favorite genre of gaming)

S is for SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS (… yeah) | SNOW (I love everything about snow! And it’s cold, so that’s a plus)

T is for TURTLES (Kawaii desu!) | TV DRAMAS (Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey… I like a whole bunch of TV dramas)

U is for UNICORNS (No reason… *smiles innocently*) | UMBREON (One of my favorite eevolutions)

V is for VERTICAL HORIZON (My personal #1 album of 2013. Go Maon!) | VOYAGE (I want to travel the world!)

W is for WHALES (Who doesn’t love whales?) | WEIRD (I am the epitome of weird, apparently)

X is for X-DAY (One of my favorite Minori songs) | X-ENCOUNTER (Moira let me have this one, ahaha. But it really is one of my favorites from Maon)

Y is for YANDERE (I attained a 100% on the yandere meter on ShindanMaker. Click here for proof, haha) | YU-GI-OH! (Who doesn’t like Yu-Gi-Oh!?)

Z is for ZERO (As in… Code Geass…) | ZORUON (My gamer tag)


Our nominated blogs

Tsukiyo no Hikari: |
Japanese Melodia: | Follow-up post: The Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award
Hybrid Universe: | Follow-up post: Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award

We’ll probably edit this list of nominees later.


4 thoughts on “Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award

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  3. Hahaha there were some funny ones here. I notice like half of Austin’s are game related… and you put perverted in there lol. Also Gin no Saji is awesome :-)

    Yeah, I suppose since a few people have nominated me now I should do it.

    • *sigh* Half of Austin’s responses are game-related because gaming takes up half of his brain/life. Makes sense, lol. >.<

      Looking forward to your post :)

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