Comparing favorites (Updated on 20/07/14)

Totoro wants you to read this post and enjoy it.

Totoro wants you to read this post and enjoy it.

You may be wondering what the title of this post is supposed to be referring to, so let me explain.

I’m not sure how Austin got the idea, but what he thought of one day, was for each of us to create our own playlist. The driving force for this was the concept of comparison.

First, we produced a list of artists we both listened to. What we then had to do was decide on our one favorite song from each of the artists, and put it all in a playlist. And where does comparison come into this? We compare the two playlists, of course! It’s a random yet fun way of getting to know our similarities and differences in our musical tastes.

There was, however, one exception to the ‘one-song-per-artist’ rule. At some point in the list, we both found it difficult to pick just one song for a particular artist, so we agreed that we were allowed to have three favorites for that one particular artist. The artist we picked was the only thing that was revealed to each other; everything else was top secret until the big reveal and comparison. My three-song artist was Nana Mizuki, and Austin’s was LiSA.

The quasi-table below displays the list of artists (first column), my song choices (second column) compared to Austin’s choices (third column).

Nana Mizuki | Junketsu Paradox; Avalon no Oukan; Synchrogazer -Aufwachen Form- | Vitalization
LiSA | träumerei | crossing field; ROCK-mode; träumerei
Shoko Nakagawa |Guren Doku Nisshoku | Sorairo Days
YUI | Rain | again
Konomi Suzuki | CHOIR JAIL | DAYS of DASH
Perfume | Spring of Life (Album-mix) | Spending all my time
7!! (seven oops) | Yowamushi-san | Lovers
Ikimonogakari | Renshi | Blue Bird
Girls Dead Monster | Ichiban no Takaramono (Yui ver.) | Alchemy (Yui ver.)
Kalafina | red moon | Hoshi no Utai
May’n | Giant Step -May’n ver.- | Giant Step -May’n ver.-
Minori Chihara | Akatsuki Tsukiyo | CRADLE OVER
nano | Omoide Kakera | Now or Never
Phantasm (FES cv. Yui Sakakibara) | Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku | Gunjou Valencia
Yousei Teikoku | missingKami, Nozomu Sekai to Hakoniwa Gensou
earthmind | ARCADIA | ARCADIA
Maon KurosakiJuu Oni no Kizuna | Distrigger

And that is the product of Austin’s idea.

So what did you think of our song choices? Whose taste do you align more with? And what songs would you choose for the artists above? Leave a reply below!


22 thoughts on “Comparing favorites (Updated on 20/07/14)

  1. Days of Dash >>>>>>> Choir Jail.

    I’d say your friend Austin has more “mainstream” tastes, picking the artist’s more obvious hits, while you prefer to dig a little deeper into their repertoire. I agreed more with Austin’s taste overall, but that’s because I’m like 99% of other anime fans, and I like songs that give me fond memories of my favourite anime.

    • While I do prefer CHOIR JAIL over DAYS of DASH, if we’re talking about the anime they’re tied to:

      Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo >>>>>>> Tasogare Otome × Amnesia

      Just a side note.

      P.S. Digging into an artist’s repertoire is what I do :)

  2. Interesting the choices for Nana Mizuki and Kalafina. In my case this will be my choices for the ones I remember (For nana, this is one of my favorites, as well for Kalafina xD):
    Nana Mizuki | Kiseki no Melodia
    LiSA | oath sign
    Faylan | Realization
    Shoko Nakagawa | Ray of Light
    Konomi Suzuki | DAYS of DASH
    Perfume | GLITTER
    Ikimonogakari | Kaze Ga Fuiteru
    Girls Dead Monster | Ichiban no Takaramono (Yui ver.)
    Kalafina | seventh heaven
    May’n | Mr. Super Future Star
    Minori Chihara | Akatsuki Tsukiyo
    Phantasm (FES cv. Yui Sakakibara) | Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Meiyaku
    Yousei Teikoku | Kuusou Mesorogiwi
    Maon Kurosaki | Toki no Kizuna

  3. Nana Mizuki was also hard to choose my favorite for (yes, not just Maon), as I had other contenders such as SCARLET KNIGHT, Synchrogazer and Vitalization.

    Interesting choice for Perfume. I personally don’t rate GLITTER too high, as I prefer their more techno-ish songs (many found on LEVEL3, yay) as opposed to the more pop-friendly sound of GLITTER and their whole JPN album in general. That kind of explains why songs like Enter the Sphere and Spring of Life (Album-mix) were close to making the cut.

    • For the case of GLITTER I refer to the single version as the JPN version was more club friendly and change the flow the original had. And yes, LEVEL3 has a lot of those, and I really like them, just like 1mm and the album mix of Spring of Life :)
      And for nana, I have like 25 contenders, but Kiseki no Melodia is recent so that’s why xD

  4. I align more with Moira, although it looks like you two have similar tastes in music. Anyway, here are my choices for the ones I’m familiar with.
    Nana Mizuki – Avalon no Oukan (nooooooo no-one mentioned it before)
    LiSA – Träumerei
    Faylan – Mind as Judgement
    Shoko Nakagawa – Guren Doku Nisshoku
    Konomi Suzuki – CHOIR JAIL
    Kalafina – Red Moon (too hard to decide :-( )
    Nano – Omoide Kakera
    Phantasm (FES CV Yui Sakakibara) – Hallelujah no Fukuin
    Yousei Teikoku – Missing
    earthmind – ARCADIA
    Maon Kurosaki – Nari Hibita Kodou no Naka de, Boku wa Seijaku wo Kiku

    Some of them were pretty hard to decide. LiSA’s could have been Crossing Field or Oath Sign as well, Faylan’s could have been a few more, DAYS of DASH was close to being Konomi’s, Kalafina and Nano had far too many choices, and I keep flipping between Yousei Teikoku’s Missing and Astral Dogma.

    • Also, as most of Austin’s choices are recently released, reviewed by him or tied in with popular anime, that backs up what froggykun said. I guess you haven’t listened to any more Phantasm since your review, and Moira finds a decent amount of your music?

      • Yeah, my choices are quite mainstream. I don’t really go out much into the world of music, I’ve just listened to the stuff that Moira gave me.
        Haven’t really listened to Phantasm either.

      • Pssshh, I find more than just a decent amount; I am his sole provider of music, lol. Tbh, I’m pretty sure I gave Austin more Phantasm stuff (I think one of the albums), but I’m not sure if he took the time to listen to it. o.o

    • Finally… someone who picks CHOIR JAIL over DAYS of DASH. *breathes sigh of relief* Also, have you heard Tsuioku no Kuroki Makenshi? (collaboration between Dragon Guardian and Konomi Suzuki)

      You know, some of your picks were contenders for my favorites!

      and I keep flipping between Yousei Teikoku’s Missing and Astral Dogma.

      Ahhh, that was exactly the same with me!

      Oh, ARCADIA is your pick for earthmind too? (Where is Another Heaven…)

      Fun fact: I remember Nari Hibiita Kodou no Naka de, Boku wa Seijaku wo Kiku was definitely my favorite from Maon when the HELL:ium single was released. At the time, I just played it over and over again, and now it doesn’t have the same effect on me, but it still kicks ass :D

      • DAYS of DASH is great, but I go for gothic rock more than pop :-)

        Yup, I have heard the Dragon Guardian collaboration, found it while I was sussing her discography page one day. I like it, and I reckon it’s the best from that album (I wasn’t keen on most of the tracks, especially the ones with Fuki from LIGHT BRINGER’s vocals, which I thought were mixed badly). Oh cool, I just saw that it’s gonna be on her album!

        Oh, ARCADIA is your pick for earthmind too? (Where is Another Heaven…)


      • They were mixed badly, for sure. Especially, like, track 10 (Tabidachi no Asa). What a mess. I think the Konomi collaboration was the best too. And I’m glad it’s going to be on her debut album :)

        Shall I edit your choice above to be Another Heaven instead?

      • Heh, I would agree with your example but I deleted all the songs that annoyed me loool.

        Nah, you don’t have it edit it. It’s obvious enough from my previous comment :-)

  5. Wow 18 comments already ._____.
    Well, I’ll just… bump into the discussion and post my favourites o.o
    (also why is DAYS OF DASH generally more liked than CHOIR JAIL? Impossibiru.)

    Nana Mizuki: Vitalization, Etsuraku Camelia
    LiSA: Egoistic Shooter
    Faylan: Blood Teller
    Konomi Suzuki: CHOIR JAIL
    Kalafina: Lacrimosa, Signal
    May’n: Scarlet Ballet
    Minori Chihara: Dream Wonder Formation (with prologue)
    Yousei Teikoku: HOW DOES ONE CHOOSE AMONG HIS CHILDREN. Baptize, I pray (if we count their activity as Denkare), Alte Burg
    earthmind: Another Heaven
    Maon Kurosaki: UNDER/SHAFT (with prologue)

    I’d say I’m more on Alex’s side, except I mostly tend to choose the non-mainstream ones. :’3

    • also why is DAYS OF DASH generally more liked than CHOIR JAIL? Impossibiru.

      Maybe because it’s tied to Sakurasou, which is way better than Dusk Maiden, lol. Even then, CHOIR JAIL is still the better song overall. I mean, come on people…

      Oooh, Scarlet Ballet was actually the other option for May’n for me. It was out that and Giant Step -May’n ver.- anyways.

      Alte Burg is, like, eargasmic metal with dramatic strings, which makes it one of my loves from Yousei too :):)

      Hey, if you align with Alex, you align with me. Join the bandwagon, lol ;)

      • Maybe because CHOIR JAIL reminds me a lot of Sayaka Sasaki debut and sounds similar to it. Meanwhile Days of dash sounds cooler for me. Also I’m seeing Yuki selected Etsuraku camelia, good choice.
        Also I’m seeing almost everyone choose the same for Faylan but what about Errand or Senjou ni saita ichirin no hana or mind as judgement.

        Then for Minorin we also have akatsuki tsukiyo or kimi ga kureta ano hi.

      • You mean in a way that both the Seisai no Ripieno and CHOIR JAIL singles are dark? To be honest, Sayaka’s debut had a more typical anison sound while Konomi’s had more gothic flavor.

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