‘Not as often’, you say?!

So, heyy y’all!

I’ve been given the task from Moira to put up a post saying that we won’t be able to do reviews frequently due to studies and whatnot, for a while… Eww…

But we are still doing reviews, so don’t worry as much.

In the meantime, I leave you all with a few photos.




Austinatious out!


Now it’s Moira’s turn to formally explain things…

Basically, it’s due to our studies that we haven’t and won’t be able to post as frequently, and we apologise for any inconvenience. We hope we’ll find time in the near future to catch up on things, but at least you can expect the LANDSPACE review soon in a format other than the usual track-by-track reviewing style, as well as the next upcoming reviews post shortly after.

Thanks for everyone’s patience!

That’s all for now! Please stay tuned!

P.S. Now here’s a music-related image for you:


2 thoughts on “‘Not as often’, you say?!

  1. So that last image explains why Galneryus is not that popular :P

    The good thing is that when you return there’ll be a lot of singles for you & Moira to review (^o^)b

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