Album review: “LANDSPACE” by LiSA

LiSA is a Japanese pop-rock singer signed to Sony Music Entertainment. LANDSPACE is her second album.

Release date: 30th of October, 2013

Track list:
1. Canvas boy × Palette girl
2. Cosmic Jet Coaster
3. crossing field
5. Boku no Kotoba de
6. best day, best way
7. Hitori Waratte
8. say my name no Kataomoi
9. Usotsuki no Namida
10. Gyakkou Orchestra
11. träumerei
12. winding road

Moira: Regular
Austin: Georgia


Enjoyable pop-rock arrangements dominate LANDSPACE, which is definitely suited for LiSA. There are extremely colorful instrumentations throughout the album with a few energetic ones here and there. Some examples of this include the lively album starter Canvas boy × Palette girl, the high-spirited A-side best day, best way, the slightly edgy & fast-paced Cosmic Jet Coaster, and also the warm and upbeat Gyakkou Orchestra. Snappy guitars and drums complement each other throughout the songs. In addition were some quirky pianos bringing out the opening in Hitori Waratte. We are given a break from all this energetic pop-rock business with two songs: Boku no Kotoba de and Usotsuki no Namida. Instead, they are given a touch of acoustic, and the latter is even laced with, as Austin says, ‘an accordion-flute thingy’.

LiSA really shows off her wonderful vocal color throughout the length of this album. From the incredible expressiveness in the A-sides träumerei and crossing field to a deeper register explored in Hitori Waratte, and even a softer side revealed in the ballad Boku no Kotoba de. There’s less aggression and attitude in her vocals (compared to songs from LOVER”S”MiLE) but still impressive. But there are powerful songs like winding road, which is incidentally the ballad that closes the album. As a power ballad, she needs to display her vocal strengths, which she does excellently. Singing with force and being able to reach high notes definitely shows how good she can really be. In other songs like DOCTOR, her sharp vocals blitz through the track and still make an impression.

General thoughts
‘Less attitude’ is what comes to mind when I think of LANDSPACE and compare it to LOVER”S”MiLE. What it seems to do for me is stick to the ‘summer amusement park’ kind of theme, so there’s at least points for consistency. Yup, this album has less aggression compared to her previous album. Like what Moira pointed out, it does have a lot of songs that stay in the general happy theme. Fortunately, it is a fantastic example of a cohesive album with some variety ranging from ani-rock to standard LiSA pop-rock and whatever is in between.

Closing statements
LANDSPACE is another great album from LiSA, but what differs it from LOVER”S”MiLE is that it has generally less power, and (as Moira says) ‘less attitude’ compared to the previous album. (But both do have colorful covers!). Its general consistency and LiSA’s expressive vocals are the highlights.

Rating: 3.5/5

Our opinions combined…

Top tracks (in order of appearance):
crossing field
Boku no Kotoba de
Hitori Waratte

Least favorite song: Usotsuki no Namida


5 thoughts on “Album review: “LANDSPACE” by LiSA

  1. So you tried the summary type review. Great!
    Interesting way of doing it and makes me think that I need to listen to this album, because I haven’t given me time to do that :/

  2. I’m really glad you pointed the differences between this and Lover’s Mile; I haven’t reviewed it, but her ani-rock is what hooked me in the first place, so the lighter, more pop side of things doesn’t impress me as much..

    • It’s quite disappointing to see her deviate from her original sound to the lighter pop-rock territory, but it still kind of works for her. As long as it’s not straight up pop, it’s okay. But for that reason, LOVER”S”MiLE is a better album :)

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