Single review: “FOOL THE WORLD” by Minori Chihara

Minori Chihara (affectionately referred to as ‘Minorin’ by her fans) is a Japanese singer and seiyuu signed to Lantis. FOOL THE WORLD is her 19th single.

Release date: 26th of February, 2014

2. Harmonized Chaos
3. Hakanaku mo Itoshiki Sekai no Naka de

The track begins by swelling into an introduction of a solid beat almost paralleling the impact of songs like X-DAY and IDENTITY, combined with a melodic lead guitar line atop a low, rhythmic guitar sequence. Soon enough, we promptly dive into an enigmatic segment of dramatic piano and riveting accompanying audio effects to induce a feeling of emptiness and desolation, while Minori lies in the center of it all, swaying us with distinct vocal control. The music gains tempo once again for the rest of the verses, and lead vocals are occasionally enhanced by background vocals. The chorus flaunts itself to be the most entertaining component of the song, displaying much power and attitude from both the arrangement and the singer. A typical guitar solo in the middle eight is improved with the presence of strings, shortly leading to a section of piano, audio effects and vocals similarly heard towards the beginning of the track. Unfortunately, Minori couldn’t get through the song without making a few vocal errors, and the one that most stood out to me was in the first line of the alternate chorus following the middle eight, in which she attempts to hold a high note that goes piercingly bad. She does this twice actually, and I openly cringed during both times. Criticisms aside, this is undeniably a strong A-side from Minori, and the force in this was just what I needed after the cheesy material from her latest album.

2. Harmonized Chaos
An extended musical swell guides us into the body of a synth-dominated track that integrates elements of pop, electro and trance. 8-bit sound snippets play against a digital beat for the first few lines of the song, but the sound produced is quite unfulfilling to the ears, even with Minori’s confident, assertive vocals. However, the song tries to rectify this almost instantly as the arrangement gains tempo, and the disharmony of the 8-bit samples transforms into a faster, closer, more cohesive unit of sounds. Unsurprisingly, the song changes up very soon after, firstly with a slower beat, a bouncy, animated string sequence and a supportive bass line, but the beat almost immediately speeds up once again, all underneath significantly expressive vocals coming from Minori. This pattern appears to repeat a second time until the appearance of an eccentric, unconventional bridge. Its first half showcases a whispy, trance-inducing atmosphere along with squeaky, vocaloid-like vocals; the second half is an unusual fusion of rapping and cheerleader-esque chanting. Finally, the song closes with the chorus, bringing home the essence (and title) of the entire song — Harmonized Chaos. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

3. Hakanaku mo Itoshiki Sekai no Naka de
A composition of bells, percussion, and a distinct ethnic-sounding instrument serves as the opening to the second B-side, and the collective plays alongside the song’s repetitive, almost annoying hook to attempt to draw listeners in. A standard strings accompaniment and electric guitar join the mix just before the verse begins, but before anyone could think that this song has the potential to become something impressive, it falls short and starts disappointing during the first verse. Fragments of anything memorable can perhaps be found in the chorus or pre-chorus. And while these two sections make the song sound like a second-rate FOOL THE WORLD, it has at least some of the attitude one would want from this song, as it shows an improvement in the quality of the arrangement. The bridge surprises me though, and I knew that it was clearly the most engaging part of the song as soon as I heard it. Among the conventional stylings of most of the song, the middle eight is characterised by a thrilling mix of dramatic synths/strings, an edgy & powerful electric guitar solo, and a forceful drum performance. The energy from the bridge leads us into the final chorus, as Minori wraps things up with the song’s hook while accompanied by the whole ensemble climaxing into an deep explosion.

What a fascinating single. While FOOL THE WORLD is another outstanding track from Minorin, it’s quite interesting to hear an experimental side in Harmonized Chaos. However, Hakanaku mo Itoshiki Sekai no Naka de was a hit-and-miss kind of track for me, sounding like nothing special yet having a few elements of surprise such as a fantastic bridge to compensate. Overall, this single is definitely still worth a listen despite a number of noticeable flaws.

Rating: 3.5/5


One thought on “Single review: “FOOL THE WORLD” by Minori Chihara

  1. Great review!
    Harmonized Chaos was my favorite of the 3, thanks to the experimentation. And for Hakanaku mo… I picked the vibes from a faylan tune so that’s why I like it (Koi Moyou). FOOL THE WORLD was good but I prefer the B-sides.

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