Just Another Heaven’s 1st Anniversary!

Even Yui-chan's celebrating.

Even Yui-chan is celebrating.

It’s the 9th of April, 2014, and that means it’s been a year since Just Another Heaven was created! I have selected a number of Yui Hirasawa gifs and pictures specifically to commemorate this event.


I still remember the day that I finally signed up for a WordPress account and created myself a shiny new music review blog…

April 9, 2013: I was lurking around scrolling through Kurayami Monogatari‘s home page for probably the thousandth time. Oh, how I was absolutely amazed by how someone could have created such a blog. It inspired me to finally do something useful and start reviewing something I loved — Japanese music. And when I finally put out my very first review later that same day, I sort of felt like…


So from there, I started to post as per normal, patiently waiting to be discovered by the rest of the appropriate blogosphere. When I got my first like, comment and follow, I was so happy that I started doing something like this in my head…


Not too long after starting up Just Another Heaven, I demanded nicely asked my friend Austin to join the blog as an author. With a certainty that he’ll write reviews too, he made things a lot easier for me. And I’m so happy that he has agreed to continue with this. An endless amount of thanks goes to him.

“Thank you…”

I explored other blogs, hoping to find more insightful opinions, more bloggers to converse with, or perhaps just a good read. On the other hand, other people found their way to me and my blog. Either way, I’m grateful to those who have made blogging such a fun experience. Especially earlier along the road, when things were pretty much just starting up, I’m particularly grateful to Yuki from Japanese Melodia and Alex from Tsukiyo no Hikari. And somewhere along the middle, we were joined by a certain Nanatard from another certain music review blog called Hybrid Universe, haha! ;)
Thank you, guys :)

“Hontou ni arigatou…”

And to everyone else who has liked, commented, followed, or even just visited this blog without doing anything in particular, I extend my thanks to you all. I hope to continue on this road for a while :)


And some other things…

Writing long album reviews:


In the middle of a review, struggling to think of what to write next:


When someone compliments my writing:


 And finally… thanks WordPress :D


13 thoughts on “Just Another Heaven’s 1st Anniversary!

  1. Congratulations on your first anniversary of blogging! I enjoy reading your posts, so hopefully you’ll be around for a while longer. I think you’ve improved your reviewing through the year, and I’m sure you’ll continue to do so. Yeah, one year, hooray ^_^

    Also, it’s probably kinda sad that I had to look up who Yui Hirasawa was… hehehe. Awww and you mentioned me, I’m flattered.

    • Thank you for your nice comment, and also for saying hi for the first time! I’m glad to know I’ve had a reader following since the early days :P Perhaps I’ll see more of you around the blog? :)

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