Single review: “Faith” by miwa

miwa is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter. She made her major debut under Sony Music Records in 2010 and is managed by Tristone Entertaiment Inc. Faith is her 15th (overall) single.

Release date: 12th of February, 2014

Track list:
1. Faith
2. Kitto Kanau
3. It’s you!
4. Faith ~instrumental~
5. Kitto Kanau ~instrumental~
6. It’s you! ~instrumental~

1. Faith
The track Faith starts out deceptively as a calm, peaceful song featuring miwa singing while accompanied by a guitar and piano. The song starts to reveal itself in the short intro of good old J-rock, especially with miwa’s energetic and fresh vocals. Synthesized brass instruments and the mix of miwa’s lead vocals paired up with the backup vocals were perfectly harmonised throughout the song. I loved the transitions of where the song would go through energetic moments, then calm down to allow us to hear miwa’s beautiful and clear voice before picking up the rock energy again. The pauses before miwa would break out her vocals were very well paced and helped create the flow of the song. The simplicity works very well for this song!

2. Kitto Kanau
Completely different compared to Faith. A more melodic, pop song featuring the miwa that fans are used to hearing.  The start of the track is done well, but it seems to lose momentum as the song goes on, and loses the type of song it’s meant to be. It feels like a jumble of different musical pieces; ballad moments, random shifts at odd moments, changes on the instruments from section to section. This isn’t a terrible song, but it’s not very good either. It just doesn’t feel like a solid song.

3. It’s you!
A bubbly, cute and quirky song. No complex arrangement here, just a plain, simple, straightforward beat from start to finish. miwa’s  vocals flow easily from verse to verse. There’s a few guitar solos here and there, which are also not very complicated either. It’s you! is a simple, laid-back song that doesn’t exactly evoke much feelings other than it being really cute.

The single Faith is a calm yet quirky single. Kitto Kanau and It’s you! are a bit lackluster compared to the track Faith.

Rating: 3/5


2 thoughts on “Single review: “Faith” by miwa

  1. I’m mostly with you here. I agree Faith was the strongest track, miwa’s vocals were great, there were solid melody lines, good-sounding drums, I thought the repeated brass lines worked well, plus there were some lovely tapping guitar lines like just before the first verse (I’m a sucker for good guitarwork lol). Kitto Kanau was okay, a bit standard for me but I do like how miwa can pull of the cute tone without resorting to a horribly high and squeaky voice. What you wrote for It’s You is pretty accurate as well. The song’s quite simple and repetitive… but I like it, it’s bright and uplifting. Overall, Faith>It’s You>Kitto Kanau.

    • Wow, I finally managed to get a review right! Aha.
      Yeah, I agree with the order you mentioned there. It’s You is nice to listen to, even though it is simple and whatnot. Kitto Kanau was okay too, but it was just too mixed me.

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