Single review: “Rising Hope” by LiSA

LiSA is a Japanese pop-rock singer signed to Sony Music Entertainment. Rising Hope is her 5th single.

Release date: 7th of May, 2014

Track list:
1. Rising Hope
2. Poker Face
3. Ameagari no Sora to Kimi [Anime Edition]
3. Ashiato Compass [Regular and Limited Edition]
4. Rising Hope (TV Size) [Anime Edition]
4. Rising Hope (Instrumental) [Regular and Limited Edition]

1. Rising Hope
Rising Hope starts off with a small piano solo, then there’s a sudden burst of vocals, guitars and drums. Pumping, energy-injected verses’ gets us ready for the fast-paced chorus with edgy vocals from LiSA. Rising Hope has the same aura that is normally associated with LiSA, upbeat rock music with belted out lyrics. It sounds very similar to other tracks such as crossing field and traumerei, just slightly faster. Rising Hope is a catchy A-Side to the single which sets up the mood for the rest of the remainder of the single.

2. Poker Face
A touch down compared to Rising Hope, that is until you get to the chorus. The beginning starts off slow, only for a few seconds though. Then the whole atmosphere changes, revealing the song to be another upbeat addition to the single. LiSA’s peppy vocals take over the chorus, accompainied with guitars, drums and some synths too. It doesn’t sound that different to the previous track, but it’s an okay track with a few listens.

3. Ameagari no Sora to Kimi
Completely different from the first two tracks. LiSA is paired up with a simple arrangement involving mellow beats and soft notes. Heavenly vocals from LiSA makes this song so relaxing to listen to. (Ahah, I’m actually finding it really hard to write something about this) Its calming tone provides a stark contrast to her previous songs.

I enjoyed this release, well, I’m always happy to listen to LiSA. Rising Hope and Poker Face are filled with energy and upbeat moments, but sound to similar. While Ameagari no Sora to Kimi is a completely different side to the single, which was simple yet stellar.

Rating: 3.5/5

Well, time to get ready for the mid-year exams!!
Also, this review will be updated once I have the second B-side from the regular/limited edition.


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