Just Another Heaven is a blog dedicated to reviewing Japanese music, with many of the reviews falling into the niche field of anison, or anime music. Reviews are written in a track-by-track format, and each song is methodically analyzed. Concluding each review is a summary and a rating out of five, which, hopefully when combined with the aforementioned, will provide a complete evaluation of any particular release. If available, we will provide links to videos of songs from JPopsuki TV, YouTube, etc. (will be found in the track list) so everyone can follow our critiques. In addition, collaborative reviews between the two authors are something to look forward to, and editorials might also be found here on an irregular basis. We hope you enjoy your time here!

If you would like to exchange links, feel free to comment below. The only requirement, however, is that it is a blog relating to Japanese culture, whether it be music or anime or manga, etc.

Moira ♀ (Founder and primary author): I’m a student from Australia with an Asian background. I am interested in a wide variety of music, but my preferred genre is rock. I also enjoy some pop, R&B, metal and electro/techno. My favorite artists (in no particular order) are Kalafina, Nana Mizuki, Maon Kurosaki, Minori Chihara and LiSA. In my spare time, other than listening to music, I entertain myself by reading, watching anime, and even sleeping! Watch out for my reviews! ;) In the meantime, catch me on Twitter: @itsmoiraaa. If you have a JPopsuki account, find me here: moiiraa.

Austin ♂ (Assistant author and blogging novice): I’m also a student from Australia who happens to be Asian as well. I’m intomusic just like Moira and I’m keen on any genre, although my favorites are rock and pop. But I do enjoy some metal too. My favorite artists (in no particular order) are LiSA, Faylan, Maon Kurosaki, nano and Konomi Suzuki. Other than listening to music, I’m a big fan of anime, I watch TV dramas and I’m a gamer too. My twitter account is @SeriousFishy just in case you want to know more about my daily doings. If you want to add me on JPopsuki, I’ll be under the name of: zoruon.


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Ooh, I just love them.. I don’t actually mind the newer ones… Personally, I think 13 is the best for some reason, that’s why I just can’t wait for Lightning Returns!

  2. Austinatious, hi there! You like Konomi Suzuki? Just reminding you that I created her English Wikipedia article. Look at the history of her Wikipedia page and look for “Narutolovehinata5”, that would be me :)

  3. Hey there! I have your blog bookmarked on my browser and have been following your posts. I was wondering if you guys have some kind of e-mail for music review inquiries? Hope to hear back!

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