Single review: “Vitalization” by Nana Mizuki

Nana Mizuki is a Japanese pop singer and popular anime seiyuu under the KING RECORDS label. Vitalization is her 29th single.

Release date: 31st of July, 2013

Track list:
1. Vitalization
2. Ai no Hoshi
3. Dramatic Love

1. Vitalization
An assortment of erratic synths and beats marks the beginning of a new track from Nana, a new Synchrogazer, and a new song that makes one lose all inhibitions and allows them, for almost four minutes at any one time, to experience a masterpiece. As that erratic assortment falls silent, a rush of deep synths welcomes Nana, who enters the song with pitch-perfect vocals, soon joined by constant electronic beats and sharp violins. The verses are dominated by the aforementioned beats, but given an edge with the amount of synths present, coupled with frequent electronic-sounding snippets. A forceful dubstep breakdown is heard just before the chorus, sounding seemingly, though purposefully out of place, and breaking the harmony found in the verses, thereby making a solid pathway to the following aspect of the song. As her vocals escape their heavily filtered state and made clearer, we practically drown in the beautiful insanity of the chorus. If you take a step back from this song in all of its excellence, you’ll see that it’s crazier than Synchrogazer, but in that, it could very well spell a better song overall.

2. Ai no Hoshi
Interestingly enough, the B-side is a touching ballad, entirely contrasting the wild and exciting nature of Vitalization. Beginning with a soft, simple piano melody over subdued strings, the initial composition gradually develops with the addition of percussion and acoustic guitar, from its ethereal beginnings to the point of absolute poignancy. Clearly, Nana’s vocals are the highlight, as we hear her flawlessly executing high notes throughout the song, mostly during the chorus. So as to create a distinction between the different parts of the song, the verses are sung quietly, but in a graceful manner. Magnificent flourishes of violins are heard as we near the end, creating an uplifting mood in a heavenly atmosphere. The whole song is just filled with all of these emotions which my words alone cannot explain, and despite the language barrier, I can completely feel each one. Now, I am not familiar with Nana’s entire discography, but this, most certainly, is her best ballad in my eyes. (So far, that is. She could get even better! *-*)

3. Dramatic Love
Steady synth rhythms, together with dance beats, make up the introduction of the second B-side, completely shaking me out of the fragile and emotional state that Ai no Hoshi put me in, and situating us in the middle of synthpop territory. It’s no surprise that Nana utilises her cutesy vocals in this, giving the song a quirky, delightful quality. At the beginning of each verse, Nana is supported by noticeable background vocals, adding a creative touch to the track. Oddly enough, the chorus’ melody reminds me of that of Ikimonogakari’s NEW WORLD MUSIC, made significantly uptempo with some added idol-esque pep. The bridge uses game-like sounds composed in a tune that is specifically consistent with the song before bursting out into that familiar Dramatic Love melody with some dubstep influences this time around. As a whole, it’s quite a fun and enjoyable song that will definitely satisfy those who are in need of some good old J-Pop from Nana-chan.

There’s so much to love about this single, starting with the eargasmic and totally epic Vitalization, continuing with the tearfully beautiful ballad that is Ai no Hoshi, and then wrapping things up with an entertaining J-Pop number which we know as Dramatic Love. This single is definitely strengthening my love for Nana Mizuki Nana-chan-kami-sama, alright?! If you haven’t listened to this already, prepare to be amazed. Enough said. ;)

Rating: 5/5


Album review: “ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS” by Nana Mizuki

Nana Mizuki is a Japanese pop singer and popular anime seiyuu under the KING RECORDS label. ROCKBOUND NEIGHBOURS is her ninth album.

Release date: 12th of December, 2012

Track List:
1. Avalon no Oukan
2. Naked Soldier
3. Get my drift?
4. Lovely Fruit
5. Darling Plastic
7. Hoshikuzu Symphony
10. Synchrogazer -Aufwachen Form-
11. Crescent Child
12. Kiseki no Melodia
14. Happy☆Go-Round!
15. Sacred Force -Extended Mix-
16. Yakusoku

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