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Totoro wants you to read this post and enjoy it.

Totoro wants you to read this post and enjoy it.

You may be wondering what the title of this post is supposed to be referring to, so let me explain.

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Single review: “Kuusou Mythology” by Yousei Teikoku

Yousei Teikoku is a four-member Japanese gothic rock band signed to Lantis. Kuusou Mythology is their 14th single.

Release date: 26th of October, 2011

Track List
1. Kuusou Mythology
2. The Creator
3. Kuusou Mythology (instrumental)
4. The Creator (instrumental)

1.Kuusou Mythology
Yayyyy, something really dark and gothic which I absolutely love! The song starts off amazingly, with some people singing in a really churchy kind of way (does that even make sense??) and some really heavy electric guitar rifts. Accompanying these are heavy, pounding drums and some sort of violin over it all(I’m not so good with instruments) oh and the vocals are a strong part too! This song really stands out as an ominous and violent song. But it really sounds great! Oh, and the awesome part of the song is when Yui counts “eins, zwei, drei”

2.The Creator
Not as gothic as Kuusou Mythology (in my opinion), but still a pretty dark song. It starts off with fast-paced guitars and drums as well as vocals. It’s a very fast song with some very quick beats too. It also has some pretty good vocals, but I don’t think the song as a whole is as powerful as Kuusou Mythology and it doesn’t contribute much. I do love those background singers too but that’s pretty much the outstanding thing about this song.

This single consists of very dark and gothic songs, and both are pretty fast paced. I prefer Kuusou Mythology over The Creator but they are both pretty good songs overall.

Rating: vier/fünf (4/5)

I’m reviewing these singles because I’m in a Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary) hype right now… So Dead End will come out soon, but I’m not very fast at writing up reviews, so you know…

Anyway, Austinatious out!!