Single review: “Strike the Blood” by Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets

Release date: 30th of October, 2013

Track list:
1. Strike the Blood
2. Hangetsu Toge
3. Strike the Blood -Instrumental-
4. Hangetsu Toge -Instrumental-

1. Strike the Blood
A flurry of guitar rifts and drumming begins the song, while increasingly getting faster and faster. Until the vocals kick in and are accompanied with the guitars and drums. Fast piercing vocals brings out the speed and ferocity of the song, especially in the chorus. Soon after the chorus is a guitar solo for a few seconds once again showing off how fierce this song. Kishida’s voice is a bit faint throughout the song until the chorus where it becomes clear and powerful. It’s a pretty good song, it’s just her voice being just a tad bit faint at parts, but other than that, it’s great.

2. Hangetsu Toge
Pounding guitars and drums opens the song this time. Kishida’s blitzing vocals comes straight through soon afterwards, keeping a repetitive beat for a short while. The chorus is just right after, with a dull beginning, it eventually gains speed, but is still not very exciting. The vocals are clear and straightforward, but there isn’t anything that stands out other than the occasional high note. Although the vocals aren’t exactly the best, it does pair up with the musical arrangement quite well in fact, the pounding and ripping instrumentals are what keeps the most part of this song together.

A single with a pretty good A-side but with a B-side that didn’t live up to the bar that Strike the Blood did. Kishida’s vocals in both songs were faint for the most part of it, and was relying on the instrumentals to bring her through, particularly with Hangetsu Toge.

Rating: 3/5