Single review: “Nanairo Biyori” by nano.RIPE

nano.RIPE is a four person Japanese pop/rock band under Lantis. Nanairo Biyori is their 13th (major label) single.

Release date: 30th of October, 2013

1. Nanairo Biyori
2. Kisetsu no Machi
3. Memai

1.Nanairo Biyori
The single opens up with a fairly cheery song with bubbly arrangements along with Kimiko high vocals really makes the whole track happy. (Although, that is usually the sort of genre that nano.RIPE usually plays). A few guitar riffs play throughout the entire song that sets the whole mood and gives off the impression that this song is meant to be cheerful, especially with the reeeeaaaallllyyyyy high vocals. A lot of the arrangments are very repetitive though; the whole feeling of the song just makes it all sound like you’ve already heard this many times and that you’ll eventually get bored with it. It’s a fine happy song all together, but there’s just not really much to look at here.

I’ve also noticed that there are a few dubstep remixes of this song which sounds way too, uhmmm, techno like for me…. I think prefer this version, but that’s just my personal opinion. (Although it does give it much more to listen to)

2.Kisetsu no Machi
This song has a slightly different feel towards, it still retains the bubbly side of the single, but it presents it with a faster general pace and a bit more of rock in it. The drums and guitars keeps the song intact until it turns into a small solo from the guitars, but it does provide a very catchy tune. It retains the catchy tune for the duration of the whole track and works well for the whole feel of the song, Kimiko’s vocals blend in well with the arrangements. There is a lot more to listen to here than Nanairo Biyori, but it’s still just not enough to pull you in and become totally immersed with it.

3. Memai
It seems like keeps on getting faster and rock-y as the single goes on. Well, I guess it should be doing that so it’s a gradual transition. The song starts out as a burst; it just suddenly starts out without any build up, other than a single word. Following that is a simple and fast paced beat with a nice and catchy tune. The chorus provides a number of moments where the vocals get really high at the climax’s of a few sentences. The drums and guitars keep a steady and memorable tune that is very enjoyable to listen to.

There is a lot to listen to in this single, that all works well together. Keeping in the whole cheerful and happy genre, this single provides us with songs that gradually get faster as the single goes on until it reaches it’s peak with Memai, which I gotta say, it’s my favourite from this single from nano.RIPE. Although I do like the other two songs, I feel like there’s just not enough to bring me in and listen to them more.

Rating: 3/5