Single review: “Rising Hope” by LiSA

LiSA is a Japanese pop-rock singer signed to Sony Music Entertainment. Rising Hope is her 5th single.

Release date: 7th of May, 2014

Track list:
1. Rising Hope
2. Poker Face
3. Ameagari no Sora to Kimi [Anime Edition]
3. Ashiato Compass [Regular and Limited Edition]
4. Rising Hope (TV Size) [Anime Edition]
4. Rising Hope (Instrumental) [Regular and Limited Edition]

1. Rising Hope
Rising Hope starts off with a small piano solo, then there’s a sudden burst of vocals, guitars and drums. Pumping, energy-injected verses’ gets us ready for the fast-paced chorus with edgy vocals from LiSA. Rising Hope has the same aura that is normally associated with LiSA, upbeat rock music with belted out lyrics. It sounds very similar to other tracks such as crossing field and traumerei, just slightly faster. Rising Hope is a catchy A-Side to the single which sets up the mood for the rest of the remainder of the single.

2. Poker Face
A touch down compared to Rising Hope, that is until you get to the chorus. The beginning starts off slow, only for a few seconds though. Then the whole atmosphere changes, revealing the song to be another upbeat addition to the single. LiSA’s peppy vocals take over the chorus, accompainied with guitars, drums and some synths too. It doesn’t sound that different to the previous track, but it’s an okay track with a few listens.

3. Ameagari no Sora to Kimi
Completely different from the first two tracks. LiSA is paired up with a simple arrangement involving mellow beats and soft notes. Heavenly vocals from LiSA makes this song so relaxing to listen to. (Ahah, I’m actually finding it really hard to write something about this) Its calming tone provides a stark contrast to her previous songs.

I enjoyed this release, well, I’m always happy to listen to LiSA. Rising Hope and Poker Face are filled with energy and upbeat moments, but sound to similar. While Ameagari no Sora to Kimi is a completely different side to the single, which was simple yet stellar.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Also, this review will be updated once I have the second B-side from the regular/limited edition.


Album review: “LANDSPACE” by LiSA

LiSA is a Japanese pop-rock singer signed to Sony Music Entertainment. LANDSPACE is her second album.

Release date: 30th of October, 2013

Track list:
1. Canvas boy × Palette girl
2. Cosmic Jet Coaster
3. crossing field
5. Boku no Kotoba de
6. best day, best way
7. Hitori Waratte
8. say my name no Kataomoi
9. Usotsuki no Namida
10. Gyakkou Orchestra
11. träumerei
12. winding road

Moira: Regular
Austin: Georgia

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Single review: “träumerei” by LiSA

LiSA is a Japanese pop-rock singer signed to Sony Music Entertainment. träumerei is her fourth single.

Release date: 7th of August, 2013

Track list:
1. träumerei
2. I doubt it
3. SPiCE [Regular and Limited edition]
3. Yuuyake Nostalgia [Anime edition]
4. träumerei (Instrumental) [Regular and Limited edition]
4. träumerei (TV size) [Anime edition]

Moira: Regular
Austin: Georgia

1. träumerei
LiSA continues to amaze me with her fast-paced songs with catchy tunes. But, I’m still confused on how you say the title to this song. The instrumental arrangements really bring out LiSA’s vocals and bring out the ‘wow’ parts in the song. It speeds up towards the chorus, sometimes it slows down so that LiSA can shine, it all just works really well. I’m having trouble on deciding on which is better between this and ‘crossing field’. The arrangement is classic ani-rock, made up of edgy electric guitars and drums of course, but despite this familiarity, such is made use of very well, quite frankly. LiSA’s colorful vocals bring out the best in the arrangement, complementing one another to create a wonderfully entertaining song. Yup, it sure is wonderfully entertaining. Something just keeps it exhilarating and keeps you in its grip wanting more. Everything seems to go hand in hand with each other, one keeping you entertained and engaged, while the other keeps increasing the ‘awesomeness’ in this song.

2. I doubt it
A barrage of drums and some guitar riffs is what starts off this song. LiSA soon joins in the fray in a very dramatic sounding way, similar to the previous, on how the instruments die down allowing LiSA to show off her skills. (Which is really working for me.) The B-side of the single is introduced with slow guitar before we are hit with a song with more rock and less anison influences. The instruments used are rough and forceful, and LiSA brings a lower vocal register during the verses to match. Quick transitions to the chorus reveal a much more aggressive side to the song, with the drums furiously pounding and guitars boldly pulling riffs here and there. I do have to agree with you with it being aggressive and fierce, and that’s what makes this song spectacular, continuously ramming you with strong and relentless assaults. But together, the composure is brilliant. This is just as good as the A-side for me, considering how much I love rock (: I assume it’s the same way for Austin.

3. SPiCE (AKA Mr.Toaster)
It’s awfully happy, and I’m not being mean when I say that. It’s a good happy! The instrumentals play in a certain way that just radiates with happiness, the way they are all placed together along with LiSA’s vocals just scream with joy. This song has LiSA written all over it because, not only is the title composed of all capitals with that trademark lowercase i, fun pop-rock is what we have mostly heard from her, particularly with the songs in her debut album. With vocals with as much energy as hers, fun pop-rock is one of the things she does best! I think that’s why this was included in the regular and limited editions, and not the anime edition. Even so, it’s a bit difficult to successfully compare this to another song in her repertoire, as SPiCE is actually quite unique in its own right. I guess you’re right about it being something that she’s really good at. You can just feel her energy behind her vocals which really works well with this song, like it could just pull you out of the dumps (provided you like this sort of music). On a side note, check out the lyrics for this if you get the chance to… you’ll find that there’s a fair amount of Engrish and you’ll see why Austin has put ‘AKA Mr.Toaster’ on. ;)

3. Yuuyake Nostalgia
LiSA’s vocals slowly introduces the song, in a very calm way. It all seems very serene, well, that’s what this song is. Well, not entirely. It’s much more slower and calmer than the previous songs, but LiSA somehow makes the song feel calm, but not exactly. After a few moments, the beat picks up with the addition of drums and guitars, all while LiSA continues to reach the high notes in the song. Yeah, it definitely starts off slow, but it gradually becomes another upbeat pop-rock track, but certainly with less energy than SPiCE. Repetitive guitar riffs after each chorus make me think that the guitar is the main focus of the song, with almost every other aspect being quite ordinary. Even LiSA doesn’t sound completely into the song, if you take into account her vocal capabilities. It’s like Nana-chan-kami-sama’s ‘Darling Plastic’ when compared to every other song in ‘ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS’. I guess it doesn’t shine as much as compared to the other songs, but it’s an okay in my opinion. Although, I wouldn’t be listening to it repeatedly, it’s just okay.

LiSA continues to impress us with her amazing songs, I’m pretty sure the both of us loved träumerei the most. I know Moira doesn’t exactly like Yuuyake Nostalgia (It’s pretty meh for me, okay?), but I’m fine with it. Overall, it’s a pretty good (correction: great) single and it must be listened to! ‘träumerei’ is my probably new favorite from LiSA. I’m still stuck on the fence between ‘crossing field’ and ‘träumerei’, but both are amazing!

TL;DR: Listen for some of the best that LiSA has to offer, and tie-in or no tie-in, all songs here (unfortunately, with the exception of Yuuyake Nostalgia) are incredible.

Rating: 4/5