Single review: “Born to be” by nano

nano is a bilingual utaite known for her strong, tomboyish voice. Born to be is her 4th single.

Release date: 19th of February, 2014

Track list:
1. Born to be
2. Happy Ending Simulator [nano ver.]
2. NEW WORLD [Mahou Sensou ver.]
3. Born to be (Instrumental ver.)
4. Happy Ending Simulator (Instrumental ver.) [nano ver.]
4. NEW WORLD (Instrumental ver.) [Mahou Sensou ver.]

1. Born to be
The start of this single opens up with a heavy and pounding bass guitar, which is soon followed by nano’s aggressive rap, but eventually reaches her normal singing vocals. Born to be has an impressive arrangement throughout the song. Her voice is paired up with multiple electric guitars which gives the lyrics an edge, mixing up the beat a few times and changing up the verses, but still keeping the whole song intact. Although the song has been changed up and provided variety, it didn’t pull me in unlike her previous titles such as Now or Never and No Pain, No Game. Although it’s not as good as her other work, it’s still decent and is one that is still quite enjoyable to take a listen to.

2. Happy Ending Simulator
A song similar to Born to be at certain parts, but also provides something new and different to taste. The vocals that introduce the song are accompanied by a simple guitar riff, but it just isn’t very exciting together. There are a few changes here and there that sound good, but it’s still not very compelling when it’s all put together. A track that is monotonous and bland even with the few changes. It’s just uninteresting.

Something totally new and different here. Nano starts off the song with some clean cut vocals accompanied with pianos and violins which sounds amazing with the addition of the synths and beats. nano’s raps are clean and clear and with background vocals layered with them, which just makes it even more amazing. The arrangement is bewitchingly attractive and is constructed beautifully which pulls you in. Repetitive beats and entrancing instruments paired up with captivating vocals makes this track simply awesome, which will definitely want to make you listen to it more than once.

So all in all, Born to be is a pretty good single from nano. It provides a nice change from her previous releases, but unfortunately, doesn’t live up to them. My least favourite would be Happy Ending Simulator, while NEW WORLD is my favourite from this single.

Rating: 3/5

Whew, another review done… I really got to pick up the pace. I just don’t understand why school has to be so tiring… :(