Single review: “Colorful” by ClariS

ClariS is a Japanese pop duo made up of high school girls, Clara and Alice. Colorful is their 9th (overall) single.

Release date: 30th of October, 2013

1. Colorful
2. Surely
3. Pieces
4. Colorful -Instrumental- [Limited and Regular Edition]
4. Colorful -movie MIX- [Madoka☆Magica Limited Edition]

1. Colorful
And here is the opening for the third and final Madoka Magica movie, and, uhh, it’s not very fitting, I mean it’s fine and all, but it just doesn’t feel right for an anime/movie like that. Anyway, on with the review. The beginning of the song, is very slow and peaceful, sounding like a music box, so it feels like the start of a very nice ballad. But that all changes when the rapid drums enter the fray, bringing it some life, creating a cute and ditzy tune. This is followed up with an extremely catchy chorus, like really catchy. Both of the girls harmonize brilliantly, making a lovely and uplifting melody. I think it’s a really nice song, just kinda weird for Madoka Magica…

2. Surely
The track starts off with Clara and Alice in total synchronization. Soon afterwards comes a very bubbly and up-beat tempo, but it all just sounds really similar to Colorful, especially with the chorus. There isn’t really much to look at here. It’s just a very sweet sounding track, with some electric guitars and okay vocals. Unfortunately, it isn’t a great song.

3. Pieces
So, uhhh, hmmm…. You know…. Well, it starts off with a light and peppy arrangement, paired up with some lovely vocals, which echo… That’s all I liked about the song, the echoing vocals. It’s still sounding very similar with the previous two songs, nothing really new and dazzling with this song.

I really didn’t know what to say about Pieces, Colorful is the only song that I would listen to a few more times in this single. There isn’t anything special with the other two, they all just sound similar and not much with excite you. I don’t wanna review anything like this anymore, why does Moira give me such eww singles to review, like last time. (Moira: Because we need to review both good and bad music, duh.)

Rating: 2/5

Whew, I really need to catch up with my reviews, I take wayyyy too long with it.

Anyway, Austinatious out.